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When a cruise ship becomes a Smart City

It is almost ready to raise its anchor. The Symphony of the Seas, Royal Caribbean’s latest creature, will debut next April in the Mediterranean Sea. It will be the biggest cruise ship in the world, and will revolutionize the idea of onboard entertainment by leveraging new generation’s digital technologies.    

The ship will offer a heap of attractions such as the AquaTheater for height acrobatics, or the Ultimate Abyss, the highest slide ever seen on a cruise boat. It will host the Bionic Bar, first onboard bar entirely managed by a robot, and make contents and services available in a Smart City spirit. The Symphony of the Seas will indeed resemble a smart village, thus interacting with people to provide what they need exactly where and when it is requested.  
Passengers will only use a smartphone and a mobile app to check-in, track their luggage, access cabins without carrying keys or cards. They will order cocktails or snacks and, thanks to GPS features, the waiter will be able to reach them anywhere. They will reserve daytrips, beauty treatments and any other optional service. They will get real-time news about weather conditions, destinations, onboard events and the best shopping venues.  
All these contents will be available through the mobile app and customized according to users’ profiles, with the possibility to set preferences about alert notifications. Which technology does enable all this? It’s the same concept supporting a platform such as Movibell, which allows to create and share perfectly geolocated contents, engaging people where they are about 200 meters far from the place or the attraction. A store can inform customers of a new product arrival or an ongoing promotion, inviting them to step in and have a look. A restaurant can flag its daily menu and suggest a taste. An attraction can attract visitors through pictures, videos and audio contents. 
Mobile proximity marketing opens a full bunch of opportunities to engage people and offer contents and services – be it on a cruise ship, in a shopping mall, or walking downtown.  
To learn more about Movibell’s features, how to use it for your mobile proximity marketing campaigns, or how to integrate its algorithm into your mobile app, visit www.movibell.com.